The better solution for commercial flooring

DreamClick Pro combines extra high durability with a variety of designs to choose from, suited for both residential and commercial use. From fashionable shops, to hotel rooms, to the comfort of your own living room.


Silent & Soft floor

Silent & Soft floor DreamClick is a quiet floor; it absorbs noise and gives off a soft sound when walked on. DreamClick also feels warm and makes you feel like walking on a real wooden floor.


Water-resistant DreamClick is resistant to dampness or water spillages. No swelling, warping or rotting of the vinyl or HIPS frame. No lifting or curling on damp floors.

Easy Maintenance

Easy-Maintenance DreamClick requires very little maintenance, just use a brush or vacuum cleaner or you can even clean your floor with a wet mop and standard cleaning products.

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally-friendly Because it is made of virgin PVC material, our DreamClick floors are 100% recyclable.


Hygienic All our floors are hygienic, thanks to the polyurethane top layer.

Lock strength

Lock-strength The stronger joints give a greater resistance to heavy traffic and rolling loads.

Suitable for floor heating

Hygienic DreamClick has a low heat resistance, which makes it an ideal match with floor heating.


  1. The top coating, made of polyurethane, is extremely resistant to knocks and wear,retains its shape, and is completely water-resistant. This means that DreamClick can also be fitted in bathrooms, kitchens and toilets.
  2. The wear layer is made of PVC with the printed PVC design film underneath.
  3. A solid PVC backing serves as a mould in which the top coatings are placed and is also the connection to the click frame.
  4. The unique and patented HIPS (High Impact polystyrene) click frame with all-round click elements ensures quick and easy fitting in all directions (360°).
  5. The durable acoustic dampening bottom coating made of PVC, suppresses sounds and ensures that DreamClick sounds like real wood.

360o locking system

DreamClick is unbeatable for installing thanks to its unique identical interlocking profile on all 4 sides. The planks click together easily on each side of the plank, back, front, left or right.

Super fast installation

The identical 4 sided locking profile allows you to install your DreamClick floor faster than traditional click systems. No need to walk back to the other side of the room to start the next row. Start the installation in either corner of the room and click your way to the other side. You can start the next row where you've finished the previous row.

Traditional installation vs DreamClick
Traditional installation vs DreamClick

Working together on the same floor

DreamClick offers you the opportunity to have several fitters working simultaneously on the same floor. You can finish any room in no time at all! Working-together-on-the-same-floor

Versatile and creative

Installing DreamClick is not only easier, but also more fun! Expand your creative thinking and fit any floor pattern you can think of, you can even mix several colours to create a staggering effect.

Click it your own way

You can install DreamClick whichever way you want. Click the planks in by the long side and then connect the short side, or prefer doing it the other way around? Go Ahead! You can even choose whether to “push” or to “pull” the planks into place, it’s so easy, anyone can do it!

No subfloor preparation

Other smooth floors need a lot of preparation time to ensure a successful installation. With DreamClick the subfloor requires little or no preparation: you can install DreamClick on top of your existing hard flooring such as tiles or laminate. This means considerable time savings! The planks and the click system have a certain flexibility to make a perfect joint with no risk of the click edges breaking. A dream for renovation projects! Just let the boards acclimatize for a day and you’re ready to go!

Dimensionally stable

DreamClick is unaffected by high moisture levels and is extremely stable at normal room temperatures. The HIPS click frame remains stronger and more rigid across a much wider temperature range than conventional PVC systems.

Reclickable, time and time again

Use the same DreamClick floor time and time again thanks to the stronger and more rigid interlocking tabs than click systems made of PVC alone. You can click and unclick the planks up to 30 times! A dream floor for exhibitions and temporary projects. Reclickable-time-and-time-again


Instructions for use

To keep your floor in good condition, it is important to place doormats at all entrances to eliminate abrasive particles driven by footwear (gravel, pebbles, ...). Use felt protector pads under the feet of furniture items or under other heavy objects. Do not use rubber carpets. Use soft, non-rubber wheels for office chairs.

Cleaning instructions

Vacuum or wet mop. Use when required a solution of clean water and mild detergent or domestic floor cleaning emulsion. Rinse thoroughly and soak up residual water. NB: the floor can feel more slippery when becoming wet. Spots, marks and spillages should be wiped up as soon as possible. Do not use acetone or chlorinated solvents. Never use wax or varnish coating.


Lifetime warranty on Residential use and 10 years warranty on Commercial use.