Vinyl Roll Tarkett

vinyl Essentials 100

A short range of productswith a very modern look to decorate your interior at the best price
vinyl Essentials 120

Our thinest vinyl quality with the basic design for the best value for money compromise
vinyl Essentials 150

wide range of classic design and colours for all budgets!
vinyl Essentials 200

A nice little range to answer the classic decoration ambiances with style and comfort
vinyl Essentials 220T

A good value for money renovation solution thanks to the use of our textile backing and with nice decors too in flemish and classic wood and stone
vinyl Essentials 240

A compact and comfortable flooring with a great backing ensuring an easy and efficient laying! And you can choose from a wide variety of wood, stone and chesstone decors
vinyl Essentials 260

All the best selling items gathered in a range allowing you an easy choice to ensure your home style stays in the trend overtime
vinyl Essentials 280T

The perfect solution for renovation: a flooring with a textile backing allowing a simple and easy laying even on uneven subfloor. And so many designs to choose from!
vinyl Essentials 300

A great flooring available in wide range of designs and colours to match every tastes and lifestyles
vinyl Essentials 300+

A flooring offering the right balance between compacity, resistance and comfort. And timeless d├ęcors for a possible application in every room of your house
vinyl Essentials 370

A compact and stiff flooring solution available in a variety of classic wood and stone design suitable for a lot of housing appplication
vinyl Essentials 400

A high walking comfort product for low to moderate traffic areas in your house
vinyl Essentials 450

One of the thickest product on the market, comfortable yet resistant to moderate traffic in all the rooms of the house, in wood but also great chesstone designs!