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High Volume Low Speed Fans Benefit: Heat Destratification

USING BIG ASS FANS IN WINTER IS YOUR FACILITY’S SECRET WEAPON AGAINST HIGH ENERGY BILLS AND WORKER DISCOMFORT. THE PROBLEM OF STRATIFICATION It’s universal–we all want to escape winter’s chill, but unfortunately, attempts to fend off workplace cold often result in astronomical heating bills and spaces that are still frigid at floor level. What many may not realize is that without airflow […]

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High Volume Low Speed Fans Benefit: Summer Cooling

When it’s hot outside and the heat makes its way indoors, you have two options to combat reduced productivity and potential heat stress: crank up the A/C (and watch your energy use skyrocket) or get creative. Whether you have A/C or not, air movement from Big Ass Fans improves your body’s natural cooling mechanisms, keeping you happy, safe and productive. Plus Big Ass Fans […]

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Big Ass Fans Equipped with Ion Technology to Clean Air

The leader in airflow innovation, Big Ass Fans reaches new heights with the industry’s most effective air disinfection solution—Clean Air System. With expert fan designs and proprietary technology that only the world leader in airflow can provide, Clean Air System kills 99.99% of SARS-CoV-2 (causes COVID-19) and other airborne pathogens and safely neutralizes allergens, odors, and fumes. Using the products […]

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