November 2013

What is ‘Xeriscape’ and why is it important?

Landscapes that thrive without water In a nutshell, xeriscape is an approach to landscaping and gardening that conserves water and otherwise uses site resources appropriately. The phrase, coined by Denver’s municipal water department, combines the Greek word for “dry” with landscape. Among other things, xeriscape encourages careful planning, efficient irrigation, soil improvements, the use of mulches and choosing appropriate plants […]

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Do I need a specialist to build green house?

Anyone can build green, but better builders find the transition easier In theory, any contractor could build a green house because the step-by-step process isn’t dramatically different from the ones used for building any other kind of house. It’s not like asking a lawyer to dig clams.But in practice, there is a learning curve. Builders need an appreciation for at […]

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Are features like solar panels absolutely necessary?

No — A single feature cannot make a house green. Solar panels—which can provide electricity or hot water—are essential components of renewable energy systems and epitomize the goals of sustainable building. But they are not prerequisites for green building. Remember that green building covers dozens of areas, touching on everything from site selection and heating systems to interior finishes and […]

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