September 2014

Fabric duct solution unburdens data center build-outs part 1

Cooling build-outs can be one of the highest operational costs facing data storage facilities. However, executives at San Diego-based redIT says it has implemented a new cost-saving measure at its data centers. The new procedure involves adding cooling drops for individual partitions inexpensively, and only as new customers come onboard. To ensure redundant capacity, datacenter construction requires a complete and […]

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Fabric Underfloor Air Dispersion for Efficient Cooling in Buildings

With over 80 per cent humidity in Indonesia all year round, fabric duct for underfloor air dispersion is an ideal alternative to conventional metal ducting for more efficient cooling. Efficient and effective cooling is necessary to create comfortable indoor environment while keep cost at reasonable amount. Fabric underfloor air dispersion system is a unique method for delivering conditioned air in […]

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