Fabric Underfloor Air Dispersion for Efficient Cooling in Buildings

With over 80 per cent humidity in Indonesia all year round, fabric duct for underfloor air dispersion is an ideal alternative to conventional metal ducting for more efficient cooling. Efficient and effective cooling is necessary to create comfortable indoor environment while keep cost at reasonable amount.
Fabric underfloor air dispersion system is a unique method for delivering conditioned air in buildings or spaces. Ideal for high rise buildings, offices, hospitals, hotels, schools, airports and other commercial buildings. DuctSox has specifically developed UnderFloorSox (UFSox) to distribute and disperse air to perimeter and high-heat load locations in under floor air distribution systems.
Unlike conventional overhead air-mixing systems, fabric duct for underfloor air dispersion system use the space beneath the raised access floor as a plenum to introduce air into occupied space, usually through special floor-mounted diffusers. Fabric duct for underfloor cooling are becoming increasingly accepted in commercial buildings space as the benefits, which are well documented by ASHRAE, can include:
– Improved employee comfort
– Reduced energy costs
– Improved indoor air quality
– Improved productivity and health
– Reduced floor to floor heights
– Reduced life cycle building costs
Fabric duct for underfloor cooling are based on displacement ventilation principles, requiring that the air stratifies from the floor to the ceiling, where it is either exhausted or recycled back into the space. New construction projects using fabric duct for underfloor cooling technology frequently qualified for LEED credits and green rating by Green Building Council for increased ventilation ‘effectiveness’.
Key advantages of UnderFloorSox systems by DuctSox are:
– Even air dispersion: this continues to be a significant features and advantage of fabric air dispersion systems versus metal. Engineered vents and/or orifices and variable endcaps are designed to meet your application providing high entrainment rations and uniform air dispersion patterns (low velocity). These advantages maintain temperature control both under and above the raised access flooring,especially in extended distance locations.

– Air porous fabric: UnderFloorSox by DuctSox reduces heat loss (temperature gain) or thermal decay over extended distances and to perimeter zones. Additionally, porous fabrics eliminate the risk of condensation to the ductwork.

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