#COTD Series: Fabric Duct in Tents and Temporary Spaces

Fabric duct can also be used for tents and many other form of temporary spaces. Just like this caterer from USA, named Shully’s Cuisine.

Shully’s Cuisine is able to improve indoor air comfort of their tents by using DuctSox fabric duct. Previously, they got straight A’s in ambience, visual impact, lighting and nearly every other category except for indoor air comfort, which made guests uncomfortable because air conditioning wasn’t delivered evenly and quietly. The indoor air comfort performance wasn’t due negligence however, because Shully’s Cuisine, based in the northern Milwaukee suburb of Thiensville, Wis., invested more than $20,000 in a new 25-ton packageheating and air conditioning unit.

This is where fabric duct in tents from DuctSox is the obvious choice. With fabric duct DuctSox system, Shully’s Cuisine is able to match the duct colour with their tent colour – white. Then, fabric duct is also lightweight and doesn’t add much load bearing to the tent’s structural integrity. Fabric duct can also be laundered dozens of times throughout its lifecycle. Most importantly, fabric duct is also a more effective air dispersion strategy, because its linear distribution vents run the entire length of the duct to distribute air more evenly and without drafts than its metal counterpart.

After using fabric duct, Shully’s Cuisine is able to reduce HVAC runtime – previously, the air conditioning system needed a one-day runtime to bring an 85°F ambient temperature down to an event’s beginning target temperature of 68°F. With fabric air distribution, the cool-down now requires only three hours, according to Shully. Heating the tent during the fall and spring seasons is also more effective.

Now, you ask how can you improve your indoor air or retrofit your existing ducting system just like them by using fabric duct in Indonesia? Not to worries because Tawada CleanTech is here in Indonesia to help you design your fabric duct system together with DuctSox.

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