DuctSox Low Throw Series Air Distribution System Plays Key Role in Food Processing Facility Design

Nothing boosts employee morale and plant productivity like working in an environment that enjoys good air distribution, which in the case of this food processing facility, included a DuctSox fabric duct system made up of 9 runs of over 15m long and .75m diameter.

By distributing 4.5C or less cool air evenly throughout the 24000 sq ft facility; DuctSox fabric ducting plays an integral role in quality control and employee productivity at Prime Deli.

Prime Deli was also pleased to discover that DuctSox also filter the diffused air. The USDA-approved DuctSox fabric duct provides a secondary line of protection against harmful bacteria and other airborne particulate – as small as 1 – 5 micros – above and beyond what their standard HVAC filtration system collects.

Information on specifying fabric ducting for heating, ventilating and cooling system is available from Tawada CleanTech email marketing@tawadacleantech.com or call 021 5794 0683

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