DuctSox 4×2 Suspension System Gives Large Fabric Duct an Inflated Appearance

Air dispersion products manufacturer, DuctSox®, Dubuque, Iowa, has introduced the 4×2 Suspension System(TM), the HVAC industry’s only hanger system for larger fabric ductwork diameters in open architecture ceilings that simulates an aesthetic inflated appearance even when heating/cooling air handlers are idle.
An evolution of DuctSox’s revolutionary 3×1 Suspension System(TM) 2006 introduction for 10 to 48-inch DuctSox, the patent-pending 4×2 Suspension System(TM) supports 50 to 60-inch diameter DuctSox, making it perfect for uniform transitions from large to small fabric air dispersion systems. The 4×2 Suspension System uses dual tension cables to support duct clasps at the 11 and 1-o’clock positions, while the lightweight, sculpted aluminum brackets support the 10 and 2-o’clock positions with D-ring clips. The result is a perpetually inflated appearance with a significantly reduced inflation surge and “popping” sound common to all fabric duct systems during HVAC equipment start-up.

The factory-sewn D-clasps quickly snap into the ends of the bracket, which help make installation up to 45-percent faster than “H-Track” and 15-percent faster than two-row tension cable systems. Overall, the 4×2 Suspension System saves up to 60 percent in installation/labor costs versus similar sized metal duct.
The 4×2 Suspension System(TM) hangers come standard in a solid light grey, black, charcoal or white powder-coated finish. Custom colors are available to coordinate with duct or interior design colors.

For more information on DuctSox and its line of fabric air dispersion products, for users based in Indonesia, please call Tawada CleanTech 021 5794 0683 or email marketing@tawadacleantech.com 

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