DuctSox Introduces the L-Vent – the cleanest Vent in the HVAC Industry

Re-engineered vent reduces dusting-and yields a better look.
DuctSox – Dubuque, Iowa, a leading manufacturer of USA-made fabric duct systems and accessories, has introduced the L-Vent, the cleanest vent in the HVAC industry for fabric duct in commercial building applications.
The new standard L-Vent design includes one to three rows of orifices ranging from ¼-inch to 1-inch openings that are factory-engineered to produce airflows of 5 to 90-cfm/ft. at 0.5-inch w.g. The updated configuration, plus the sealed, non-fraying edges produced by precise robotic cutting machinery, helps limit surface dusting that’s common among other metal or fabric ductwork diffusers, vents and orifices that affect IAQ standards in occupied spaces.

The L-Vent replaces S-Vents and Mesh Vents as the standard Comfort Flow(TM) model in most premium and commercial DuctSox fabrics.
The L-Vent is just one of many fabric duct benefits available to air distribution designers, including light weight, even air dispersion, aesthetics, and clean-ability through commercial laundering.

For more information on DuctSox and its line of fabric air dispersion products, for users based in Indonesia, please call Tawada CleanTech 021 5794 0683 or email marketing@tawadacleantech.com 

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