If You Drive in the Rain, You NEED Aquapel on Your Vehicle’s Windshield!

If You Drive in the Rain, You NEED Aquapel on Your Vehicle’s Windshield!

This below is review for Aquapel Glass Treatment by Mr. Gadget

Read this quickly, and then buy and apply Aquapel to your vehicle’s front glass (at least the front glass) to see clearly, more safely, longer than with any other rain-repelling glass treatment.
Ever the skeptic, I had nothing better to do one day many months ago than to look for something better than Rain-X.  But, why?
Many years ago I met a man because of some technology I was investigating at the time.  During our meeting, the man told me he was also involved in a product and its technology that was used by the aircraft and airline industry to protect their cockpit glass and to make rain bead up and roll off like water off a duck’s back.  I said, you mean, like Rain-X?  He laughed a good, deep belly laugh and said that was what he always hears.  No, said he, Rain-X is “crap.” Really, he said just that.
I listened intently as he continued.  Rain-X is a great tool with great marketing. They know their product does its job only for a short time and they have conditioned their users to this.  Rain-X requires reapplication with regularity, perhaps every two to four weeks in order to experience effectiveness.  His chemical, on the other hand, bonds to the glass, won’t wash off, is impervious to wipers and lasts for SIX months or more.  I asked for some of this miracle juice!
Again, that was many years ago and I lost contact with that man, but I always remembered this product, having used it and coveted the small, unmarked bottle he sent. I nursed the contents and used it sparingly over the years until it was gone. Then, Rain-X was all I could find, so that is what I used.  And Rain-X is so attractively priced, at way under $10 for a generous quantity.  What’s not to like?
For those of you now using Rain-X, I am speaking to the converted.  Inconvenience aside, it is somewhat effective at making driving in the rain much safer than without Rain-X on the windshield.

For those of you inexperienced with such things, imagine driving through the worst of the worst driving rainstorm, when your wipers cannot keep up with the volume of water pelting your windshield as you drive. Now, imagine the water beading up and being blown off the windshield as you drive at speeds over about 40mph. Imagine if you turned off your wipers in the heaviest rain and at this or higher speed, all would be fine, that you would see clearly ahead, without the distortion of sheeting water on the glass in front of you.
Imagine that the beads of water simply blow off your windshield and you can see clearly through that rain. Imagine no more, because it is real.  It is the truth and driving in the rain is all the safer for this technology. The question becomes, “Why NOT use such a product?”
I will NEVER again drive without protecting my vision through the windshield so that I can see as clearly as possible even in the worst rainy weather. I make sure my family is protected, as well, and that all our cars are similarly prepared for the worst.
Unfortunately, Rain-X is drudgery personified. It’s a chore to clean the windshield to its best, most spotless capability and then to reapply Rain-X.  This must be done in dry weather, as well.  It is inconvenient and time consuming.  One must be careful to NOT get the chemical on paint, to carefully wipe it into the glass, then buff with a dry, soft cloth.
I’d rather do other things.  To me, it is a tinker’s dream to apply Rain-X.  I don’t want to tinker with this stuff any longer. Life holds other interests for me.
And that is why, when I saw a listing for Aquapel in my search for something better than Rain-X, I had to check it out.  And so I did!  No, I could not get more of my miracle juice, but Aquapel seemed to me to be similar in its claims.
The company behind it, Pittsburgh Glass Works, was kind enough to send along several samples.  First, I cleaned my windshield with a pot and pan scraping sponge and soap. I wanted it to be as clean and free of anything and everything as possible. That was in April of this year.  I knew I would not encounter rain here in SoCal any time soon, but I had other things in mind.
Knowing of the properties of chemicals such as this, and owing to my previous experience with super rain repellants, I wanted to test Aquapel in the face of bug debris one encounters while driving from home base through the desert to Las Vegas in hot weather. Those bugs come out and splat, they perish when hitting the glass at more than 80mph!  Without Aquapel, cleaning the glass is not so easy. With Aquapel applied, the bugs and bug guts clean off much more easily. Mission accomplished.
And so I have waited patiently, month after month, for rain to appear. In fits and starts, there has been sporadic rainfall over the past couple of months.  Now, it is nearly the end of December and it is raining quite heavily today. I am home for a couple of days nearing the end of my annual 15-day national TV tour during which I travel to other cities to show some of my top recommendations for holiday gift giving. I am so excited to be at home when it is raining!
And, you know what?  That Aquapel is still protecting my windshield!  Now, I cannot say it will last as long for you on your vehicle’s glass, but I can categorically state that it is NO contest with Rain-X.  The two are chemically so different!  I’ve just returned from a proof of concept drive.  In this heavy rain, I drove to the freeway and entered the nearest on ramp. At about 65mph and in the heavy downpour, I simply switched off the wipers.  Amazing, still! I knew it would work this way before turning off the wipers.  I could see how easily the water was squeegeed away by the wipers. I could see the water repelled above the wiper area. This stuff is remarkable!
Why would anyone want to use Rain-X and have to reapply is so often when Aquapel is so clearly superior?  Aquapel is not six times more expensive, though it clearly lasts up to and maybe more than six times as long. And what about all that time you will save applying Aquapel once during the time others have to reapply Rain-X six or more times?
In the strongest way, I encourage, plead and beg of you to do as I and as I suggest – for safety’s sake, get Aquapel and apply it to at least the outside of the front glass on your car and on the cars of those you love and care about.  I can promise you all will see a remarkable, transformative difference, never again wanting to drive without this protection. Oh, and be sure the wiper blades are of good quality and are in good shape.
If you wish, you may also apply Aquapel to the outside of the side and rear glass, and this is up to you, your degree of interest and budget.
Aquapel is not at all expensive, not when considering its longevity of service per each application. Even if your situation and circumstance suggests reapplication on a quarterly basis, you are effort ahead of using Rain-X, which after only a week or so becomes much less effective than after many, many weeks or months of applying Aquapel.
Shop online for Aquapel to find the best price.  The retail price is about $10 for one application.  Each applicator is a sponge-like device with a glass bulb of the chemical embedded. As the glass bulb is broken, the chemical is released wetting the sponge applicator. Now, just spread it on the pre-cleaned glass, let it dry and wipe the glass with a dry paper towel.  Done. (Instructions are here.)
I’ve just checked on line for prices of Aquapel and found it through amazon.com as well as on eBay.  Check prices at both and match quantities with shipping costs for the best deals.  Buy in groups and share for best overall rates.
Here’s to safer driving, courtesy of the remarkable Aquapel!

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