Choose Phthalate Free Vinyl Flooring

With so many options and brands of vinyl flooring, how do we choose the best vinyl flooring? Choose vinyl flooring that are produced with safety and health in mind. Choose vinyl flooring that is made of phthalate free and have low VOC emissions. Because we don’t want to breathe pollutants nor toxic air in everyday right?

Tarkett has developed its new generation vinyl to contribute to an improved indoor environment and air quality. With its vinyl flooring, Tarkett aims to bring tangible environmental and health benefits to flooring users. To improve indoor environment and air quality, Tarkett has focused on two eco-innovations: replacing phthalate plasticizers in our vinyl flooring and reducing emissions.

Phthalate free technology

Tarkett’s new generation vinyl is a phthalate-free* flooring. The phthalate-free plasticizers selected by Tarkett are approved for food contact containers and can be used for toys intended to be placed in the mouth by children.

Low VOC emissions

Tarkett’s new flooring collection has VOC emissions level that is ten times lower than the strictest standards in Europe, thus contributing to better indoor air quality.
Other than improving indoor environment and air quality, vinyl floors are practical and hygienic, because they’re simple to clean. Tarkett vinyl flooring has an additional surface treatment to make it even easier to maintain with minimal use of water and cleaning products.
Tarkett vinyl flooring are available in Indonesia via Tawada CleanTech.
For further information on vinyl flooring, please contact Tawada CleanTech at 021 5794 0683 or email

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