Mitsubishi Electric City Multi AC Ranked #1 in Singapore

Mitsubishi Electric VRF City Multy answer to VRF system available in market these days. City Multi is available using R410A refrigerant with zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential). Mitsubishi Electric has specifically designed City Multi for today’s building requirements and addresses key amrket issues such as energy efficiency, adaptability and reliability. With user friendly control systems utilizing internet technology and integrated cooling and ventilation indoor units, City Multi is the benchmark and market leader in VRF technology.

VRF is a multi and direct expansion type air conditioning system where by one outdoor unit can be connected with multiples indoor units. The amount of refrigerant can be regulated freely according to the load on the indoor unit by the inverter driven compressor in the outdoor unit. Zoning in a small office is possible with a small capacity indoor unit. Energy conversation is easily handled because individual indoor units can stop and start their operation as needed. Mitsubishi Electric has various indoor units available in order to suit various interior design needs.

For more information on Mitsubishi Electric City Multi AC system, contact or call 021 5794 0683 to speak with our product specialist.

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