Fabric Ducting DuctSox For Food Processing Industry

Air distribution in food processing applications can be challenging. This is where fabric duct DuctSox comes in play.

The most common problem is high air velocity.  In cold environments, 10 degrees C (50 degrees F) or below, the velocity of the air can cause drafts on employees making working conditions very uncomfortable. By using low-throw textile air dispersion systems, where all of the air is distributed through the surface of the fabric, velocities less than 0.152 m/s (30 
FPM) can be easily achieved. A typical metal diffuser distributing 354 L/s (750 CFM) will deliver the air at approximately 0.544 m/s (107 FPM) at  the surface of the diffuser. A fabric system can deliver the same amount of air at approximately 0.152 m/s (30 FPM) at the surface of the fabric.

Air velocity can also disturb the process. For example, air moving across a vat of dough can cause the dough to harden. By delivering the air through a fabric system at low velocity, this can be avoided. Other processes that can be affected by high air velocity include packaging machinery, dry flour rooms, chocolate holding tanks, noodle production, and many other sensitive manufacturing processes. Another issue that can be of concern in these applications is blowing insects, dirt, debris, and other airborne contaminants into the food production. A low velocity fabric duct system can help minimize this problem.

In addition to low velocity systems, some applications in food processing facilities may require medium-throw or even high-throw air dispersion. This would include areas where air velocity is not as critical, such as warehouse facilities, break rooms, offices, and spot cooling applications. DuctSox offers a complete line of air dispersion products for these areas as well. Whatever your food processing application requires, extremely low air velocity, medium or even high throw, DuctSox has the solution to meet all of your air dispersion needs in this critical environment.

For more information on fabric duct DuctSox for your food processing facilities, contact marketing@tawadacleantech.com or call 021 5794 0683 to speak with out product specialist.

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