All Purpose Tarkett Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is number one choice these days, not only for homeowners, but for businesses as well. Tarkett vinyl flooring is an all purpose vinyl flooring. Thanks to its versatility, durability and easy maintenance, many people decide to install this flooring type. Aside from being used in kitchens, basements, bathrooms, bedrooms, vinyl flooring is commonly found in healthcare institutions, hospitals, educational centers, gyms, etc. Industry wise, vinyl flooring is extremely popular in the healthcare sector.

Most of us make purchasing decision based on factors like time, convenience and comfort. When selecting a vinyl flooring, you need to consider all the advantages to ensure that your choice brings a little added-value to your lifestyle.

With Tarkett Vinyl Flooring, vinyl can be anything from

1. A decoration solution – Tarkett offer a wide array of colors and designs, they are easy to install, easy to remove without damaging the subfloor. Choosing a floor is not a lifetime decision anymore, but a decoration solution that can match the changing colors of the walls!

2. An easy solution – with Tarkett vinyl flooring wide array of designs selections made easy – we have one to fit each preference. Also little floor preparation is needed to make renovation is easy. In the end Tarkett vinyl flooring make life easy with simple mop and vacuum routine needed to keep home always fresh and looking good.

3. Safe for family and improve indoor environment and air quality – Tarkett only uses phthalate free plasticizers approved for food contact containers and kids’ toys intended to be placed in the mouth by children. Tarkett vinyl flooring also have 10 times lower emissions level than the strictest standards in Europe.

For more information about Tarkett vinyl flooring, contact us at or call 021 5794 0683 to speak with one of our product specialists.

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