May 2017

HVLS Fan For Semi Outdoor Dining or Restaurant

Looking to help keep customers or diners at your semi outdoor dining or restaurants comfortable? But still cost effective and aesthetically enhancing building’s interior? Either for your restaurant, cafe, lounge, bar and more… Look no further than HVLS Fan from Tawada CleanTech Just like these 8ft size HVLS fans installed at a winetasting patio in  Texas, USA. This vineyard was […]

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Save With Mitsubishi Electric LED Lighting

Mitsubishi Electric LED Lighting will help you save on your electricity. With its latest New Linear Type – you can reduce your electric bill, create stylish and modern spaces by seamless lighting design and Mitsubishi Electric LED also available in a wide range of line up variations. New Linear Type works better than expected with high efficiency and better workability. […]

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