August 2017

LIMITED OUTDOOR SPACE NO PROBLEM AC Solution For Limited Outdoor Space

Limited space is no longer a problem for your AC outdoor unit – with Mitsubishi Electric efficient design and high quality performance. Mitsubishi Electric AC Multi Split is AC system designed specifically for residential and office-home (ruko) with limited outdoor space. 1 Multi Split system equals to 1 Outdoor Unit and 4 Indoor Units. This allow you to install ONLY […]

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HVLS for Sport Arena, Ranch, Stable and Many Others

HVLS fan is great addition for your sports hall, ranch, stables and many other sports related facilites. From basketball courts to swimming pool, from horse training arenas to gymnastics and fitness center, everyone can benefit from HVLS fans. When combined with exhaust fans and evaporative coolers, HVLS fan will help your building get cooler faster and keep it cool at […]

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