Green Benefits of Using Jet Towel Mitsubishi Electric

By using Jet Towel by Mitsubishi Electric, we can eliminate the problems of paper towel maintnance. Some green benefits of Jet Towel are:

The cost of constantly replacing paper towels each day can be staggering. Because the Jet Towel only uses electricity to operate, operating cost is significantly lower. We can get approximate 98% reduction in running cost – assumptions electricity rate of $0.22/kWh and 2 paper towels consumed per use at $0.01/towel, excludes cleaning and paper garbage disposal costs.

The Jet Towel does not create any waste, eliminating the trouble of waste disposal and conserving forest resources at the same time. Switching to the Jet Towel sends a positive message to the users about a facility’s attitude towards the environment.

Paper towels need to be constantly refilled and paper garbage removed throughout the day. Jet Towels require minimal maintenance, freeing up service staff to do other important tasks.

Empty paper towel dispensers and overflowing garbage cans create a negative impression on restroom users. Jet Towels never ‘run out’ and dry hands in about the same amount of time.

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