HVLS Fans BladeTec : Energy-saving and innovative industrial fans

Why is BladeTec high volume low speed HVLS fans green and energy efficient?

It is the shape, not the number of blades that generate the large volume of air movement needed for an effective fan. The blade of a fan travels at different speed along its length. For example, the tip of the blade may be travelling at 60mph, the middle at 30mph and the center at 5mph. BladeTec HVLS fans are designed to have a complex contoured shape. This design delivers uniform air movement down the entire length of the blade. In turn, it increase energy efficiency in cooling or heating its surrounding environment.

BladeTech HVLS fans equalize the temperature in a building by moving warmer air trapped at the ceiling down to the floor. It is making the building’s temperature more uniform. This process is called de-stratification. In result, this makes it easier for the heating system to keep the air warmer at the floor. This can cause saving up to 30% in heating costs. The same applies to cooling a room down. Since there are increase in air movement caused by a BladeTec HVLS fans, it can make the air feel up to 8C degrees colder.

For everyone concerned about their energy consumption, 8C degrees difference can mean huge savings in their carbon footprint and it’s one giant leap toward greening buildings. Further, many studies prove that a comfortable working environment leads to more comfortable employees. Comfortable employees means more productive and better morale.

How is BladeTec HVLS fans different that other large HVLS ceiling fans?

Tawada CleanTech is working together with BladeTec to bring their energy savings HVLS fans to Indonesia. With applications ranging from retails, commercial, industry and even public areas such as airports, schools, open recreation areas and many other, BladeTec HVLS can be one of the solutions to greening Indonesia and managing indoor air quality. As the Indonesian government is starting to release guidelines and acts for green buildings, BladeTec HVLS fans can be an alternative in retrofitting buildings and decrease our energy consumption significantly.

Afterall, being green should not be difficult. It should be as easy as 1-2-3, 3 BladeTec HVLS fans blades that is.

About Tawada CleanTech

Tawada CleanTech is dedicated and committed to providing clean and green technology solutions for everyone. Our main customers are diverse, including but not limited to private and multinational companies and organizations, educational and research organizations, government, traders, manufacturers and factories. Tawada CleanTech gives green a whole new meaning and depth. Tawada CleanTech wants to create not just sustainable buildings and environments, but we strive to provide and educate people to start creating healthy and financially sustainable buildings and environments.

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