DuctSox Fabric Duct: Better Fabric Air Dispersion System

DuctSox fabric duct now has fabric with recycled content! Both DuctSox’s Sedona-Xm and Coronado fabrics are made with 55% recycled content. Also, DuctSox is the first fabric duct manufacturer offering recycled fabric options. Thus, our new and improved Sedona-Xm and Coronado are great options to have in today’s environmentally-conscious society, and one that should be specified on your next GREEN project!

Other GREEN Benefits of Fabric Duct

The concept of using fabric ductwork instead of metal ductwork for air dispersion offers many sustainable benefits besides cost. In addition, DuctSox are 100% custom made to fit your project, meaning no excess fabric and minimal waste. So, this may help with Materials and Resources Credit 2, Construction Waste Management.

Environmental Benefits

– Improved air quality: better air dispersion which results in more effective air distribution.

– Reduced solid waste: less packaging, minimum jobsite waste.

– Conserved resources: reduced material use, less energy to ship, less labour and resources required to install.

Economic Benefits

– Lower construction costs: lower equipment costs, reduced installation costs, structural (lightweight)

– Lower operating costs: increase efficiency of air delivery, reduced maintenance costs, no painting

– Improved productivity: better airflow increase comfort, more aesthetically pleasing

Health and Community Benefits

– Comfortable environment: quiet air delivery and even air dispersion, better ventilation effectiveness

– Healthy environment: cleaner distribution systems, launderable, no mold, no condensation

For more information on how your project can benefit from fabric air dispersion by DuctSox, contact Tawada CleanTech as national representative for Indonesia.

About Tawada CleanTech

Tawada CleanTech is your one stop solution for green building and green technology. We are dedicated and committed to providing clean and green technology solutions for everyone. Our main customers are diverse, including but not limited to private and multinational companies and organizations, educational and research organizations, government, traders, manufacturers and factories. Tawada CleanTech gives green a whole new meaning and depth. Wewants to create not just sustainable buildings and environments, but we strive to provide and educate people to start creating healthy and financially sustainable buildings and environments.

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