Jakarta Green Building Code Cracker

Jakarta Green Building Code has begun its implementation earlier this April. Partnering with International Finance Corporation IFC, Jakarta Government has been able to drafted 7 key points of Jakarta Green Building Code also known as Pergub 38/2012.

Those 7 key points are the newest standard for new buildings in Jakarta exceeding 10,000 sqm (for education facilities), 20,000 sqm (for hotels and hospitals) and 50,000 sqm (for offices, malls and apartments). This number may looks really big for countries such as USA, Australia, Singapore and many other more mature and developed green markets, but this is a start for Indonesia and we can see greener projects coming. Key standards for Jakarta Green Building covers areas such as below and how Tawada CleanTech can crack it for you:

1. Lighting system

Daylighting and reduction of installed lighting: Move forward to active daylighting with Ciralight and reduce your lighting installation

Efficient lamps and fixtures: Retrofit your existing fixtures with Sensity LED (previously known as Xeralux) and contribute to less production waste – which is also green

•Lighting Controls: Watch your electricity bills going down with Sensity system

2. Ventilation and air quality

•Energy Recovery VentilatorRecoupAerator by Ultimate Air: The most energy efficient and guaranteed performance ERV that comply to the strictest standard of green building that is Passive House: endorsed by American Lung Association for its proven health benefits, in short, THE best mechanical ventilator for YOU

3. Air-conditioning

Ceiling fans: High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) by BladeTecis able to deliver a large volume of air to a large space at a relatively low cost. It keeps people and building cooler, that leads to increased comfort and higher productivity.

•Efficient air dispersion system: Fabric Air Dispersion system by Ductsox can bring the temperature of the space up 24.5% faster than traditonal ducting while using less material. Fabric duct by DuctSox also contain more than 55% recycled material.

4. Electrical system

•Automation system: Automating your security, ventilation and air-conditioning, lighting and audio and/or video systems can greatly reduce energy cost and increase the value of your property. HAI energy management system can practically pay for itself in energy savings.

5. Building envelope

Window heat reflector: While our window film able to reflect heat up to 85% off the glass, a big percentage of heat comes through the frame. Our retrofit double glazing is the solution, of which when combined with window film could reflect up to 88% of heat coming through the window (not just the glass). This double glazing also provide extra sound insulation to your buildings.

•Cool Roof and Wall: Keep your roofs and external walls cool with EcoCool coating. With EcoCool, the temperatures on building surfaces may decrease up to 30⁰ C. Or you can go with vertical garden – a great alternative to non-existent outdoor spot for living plants/trees.

6. Water efficiency

•High efficiency fixtures of recycling water and rainwater: Using water saving sanitary equipment can significantly reduce waste of water up to 37% in a typical buldings. The use of recycling water wherever feasible and harvesting rainwateris the answer to water efficiency.

7. Renewable energy

With the increase of electrical charge expected to happen, Renewable Energy becomes a feasible alternative.  While both private and government works hard to push the cost of renewable energy to their lowest price point in history, Solar Panel and Geothermal equipment could save you a planet.

Now, these 7 areas are not difficult to comply with but there are still many things to do for builders, contractors and developers in order to comply with Jakarta Green Building Code. Tawada CleanTech’s technology capacity can be just the code cracker for those in need of green building in Jakarta and other cities on the region. With products ranging from Sensity LED (previously known as Xeralux LED), SunTracker Ciralight, Fabric Air Dispersion System DuctSox, High Volume Low Speed Fans BladeTec, Energy Recovery Ventilator Ultimate Air RecoupAerator, Cool Roof EcoCoolRoof, double glasing retrofit, vertical garden, up to water efficiency, water treatment and waste water treatment. Tawada CleanTech has all the right green technology for you to comply with Jakarta Green Building Code.

About Tawada CleanTech

Tawada CleanTech is dedicated and committed to providing clean and green technology solutions for everyone. Our main customers are diverse, including but not limited to private and multinational companies and organizations, educational and research organizations, government, traders, manufacturers and factories. Tawada CleanTech gives green a whole new meaning and depth. Tawada CleanTech wants to create not just sustainable buildings and environments, but we strive to provide and educate people to start creating healthy and financially sustainable buildings and environments

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