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With bold, smooth patterns and colorways that complement the market, Lonseal’s vinyl flooring range of high performance vinyl roll is a great solution in corporate and education environments.

lonseal vinyl flooring in school
Lonseal Vinyl Flooring in Schools

Educational flooring is unique. Lonseal® knows that students’ safety is top priority; therefore, our educational flooring offers low VOC and anti-microbial composition exclusive to Lonseal. It is also formulated to lessen the probability of slipping.  Lonseal corporate vinyl flooring products can withstand the demands of high traffic areas. We understand it’s a large investment for a company to install commercial flooring. Our commercial product line was created to have a long life span in these types of environments, while maintaining its appeal, functionality and wear-resistance.

Corporate and education attributes include:

  • Sound absorbing
  • Stain resistance
  • Low life-cycle costs
  • Slip resistance
  • Construction is excellent for high traffic
  • CHPS approved
  • GreenMedic® anti-microbial properties
  • GreenAir®
  • Available in colorways that encourage development and learning
  • Foam-backed products available to help reduce risk of injury
  • Ease of maintenance

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