LED Lighting Mitsubishi Electric: High Bay with High Quality and Technology

Mitsubishi Electric Lighting leverages its original quality assurance technologies to provide high-quality LED products designed and manufactured in compliance with laws and standards.

All Mitsubishi LED is made in Japan at mother factory providing lighting devices and LED fixtures in Kakegawa, Shizuoka, Japan. As mother plant, 2 plants of lighting devices and LED fixtures in Kakegawa are running. With installing PSI and color classification system, the high quality LED lighting fixtures are manufactured even much faster than before. The same Mitsubishi quality assurance standards are being applied for products manufactured at sites other than the Kakegawa factory.

In addition to a wide variety of general purpose models, that enable selection acording to intended use and space, easy-to-install lightweight model with enhanced efficiency are introduce to the High Bay LED lineup. Mitsubishi LED High Bay can be installed for factories, warehouses, commercial facilites, company lobbies, open ceiling spaces and high ceilings area.

Benefits of Mitsubishi Electric LED High Bay lighting:

  1. Energy saving and long service life – Mitsubishi has longer service life of 40000 to 60000 hours and it is easy to replace lamp.
  2. High functionality and less installation work and time – Mitsubishi Electric LED High Bay is lightweight (approx 2.9kg each) and it is more compact than its predecessors. You can mount Mitsubishi High Bay LED to existing ceiling box.
  3. High quality and ease – all Mitsubishi LED had passed strict test and has long warranty.

For more information on Mitsubishi Electric LED High Bay Lighting, contact Tawada CleanTech 021 5794 0683 or email marketing@tawadacleantech.com

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