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BioZone Scientific Photoplasma Air Purifiers

Biozone patented photoplasma technology purify air kill virus

BioZone® Scientific international Inc. was incorporated in 1996 and has now become one of the world’s leaders in the environment protection industries. With its headquarters in USA, BioZone®also established its headquarters in London for the European region and in Hong Kong for Asia Pacific region respectively. BioZone® also has other offices located in Shenzhen, China and Manila, the Philippines. With a large network of distributors scattering over many different countries overseas, BioZone’s business scope covers almost all parts of the world. Moreover, the company is continuously undertaking towards further developing new markets in the world.

BioZone® Scientific International Inc. specializes in research, development and manufacture of air purification systems, which are customized to meet the individual needs of our clients. We also provide different types of industries with diverse range of products such as hospitals, industrial premises, public transports, offices, commercial kitchens and many others. We have built up an excellent repute upon our invention of new and effective air purifications methods.

BioZone® uses patented PhotoPlasma technology and PhotoPlasma is generated by airborne molecules such as oxygen and water vapor under the exposure of the specialized UV spectrum. It includes reactive oxygen species, free radicals, electrons, etc., which actively capture various air contaminants, and rapidly destroy their structures through a chain of reactions. In this way the contaminants are decomposed and converted into harmless end-products like carbon dioxide and water. This method is highly effective in improving indoor air quality as part of a safe and natural process.

Features Biozone photoplasma air purifier
biozone photoplasma air purifier international certification kill virus clean air

BioZone® air purification devices have been tested and evaluated by numerous accredited international testing laboratories for the following air pollutants:

biozone photoplasma air purifier kill virus bacteria odor clean air

The BioZone® air purification system has been approved and certified by international authoritative organizations, such as the below:

biozone photoplasma air purifier international certification safe clean indoor air

For more information about Photoplasma Air Purifier BioZone Scientfic and how you can clean indoor air safely, contact Tawada CleanTech (Indonesia representative and distributor for BioZone Scientific) today.