Raised floor

Office Flooring System

These are access floors suitable for use with underfloor wiring used for communications equipment, personal computer, and other office equipment. Such floors are installed in offices as well as schools, hospitals, libraries, and other institutions. Such floor systems contribute to the most efficient use of underfloor space not only in new structures, but also in renovated buildings.
We furthermore provide comfortable underfloor air-conditioned system.

Computer Room Flooring System

Computer floor systems are designed for the underfloor installation of wires and cables in computer and control rooms. These systems utilize our extensive expertise to meet customer needs such as excellent anti-static electricity and earthquake resistance performance as well as outstanding anti-whisker countermeasures, all at low cost.

Clean Room flooring System

SENQCIA supplies floor systems optimized for the dust-free clean rooms that are essential in various industrial fields including semiconductor, liquid crystal, and fine chemical manufacturing. As indoor machinery becomes increasing heavy, we provide floor systems that can withstand heavier loads.
These floor systems have been used extensively overseas.

Seismic Isolation Flooring System

SENQCIA has a wide range of earthquake resistant construction methods and seismic isolation floor systems that enhance equipment stationary installation and earthquake resistance performance and can provide systems optimized for specific customer needs. Seismic isolation methods created using original expertise can isolate movement in two and three dimensions for a wide range of applications. Our testing has confirmed that these floor systems are suitable for use in new and existing buildings.