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BioZone Scientific Air Purifier the First Defensive Line of Hospital

BioZone Scientific air purifiers as first defense line against COVID-19 in hospitals. Under COVID-19 pandemic, the Central and Western district, together with Wan Chai district reported the most confirmed cases in HK. Therefore, many public hospitals in HK Islands have installed BioZone Air Purifiers AlpineZone Series (Medical Grade) in the Accident and Emergency (A&E) area and Fever Zone to deal with COVID-19 […]

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BioZone Scientifc Air Purifiers Used in Shopping Malls and Office Buildings

How to use BioZone Scientific Air Purifiers? BioZone Scientific Air Purifiers can be used everywhere. With the decreasing number of confirmed cases in HK, there are more social activities particularly in the shopping malls. As there are invisible COVID-19 carriers, we need to continue to maintain the hygiene level both in the air and on the surface of any space. A […]

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BioZone Scientific Air Purifiers Protects Pupils from Micro-Organisms

How BioZone Scientific Air Purifiers cleans air in schools? With the problem of spread of micro-organisms and flu become serious, BioZone Scientific Air Purifiers are crucial. Also, there is no doubt that schools and kindergartens are the places with high risk of infection. So, it is crucial to protect pupils and the teaching staffs from micro-organisms. And a famous kindergarten […]

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